• (RAP) Webcast Series

    Join me at the @TorontoRBOT Recovery Activation Program webcast to learn how integrating technology has helped women- and BIPOC-owned businesses overcome challenges posed by the pandemic and pivot their businesses. Register:

  • KRIPPIT SPOTLIGHT: Emily's Trip to France

    At the end of August, our Brand Manager Emily travelled from Toronto to Paris, France for Krippit’s showcase at the Who’s Next trade show. We caught up with Emily to learn about her experience on this journey with Krippit. 

    Having graduated with a Bachelors in Hotel & Tourism Management, the pandemic crisis had serious consequences for my career plan. My internship was cancelled and after sending numerous applications (left unanswered) for the scarce vacant positions in the tourism industry, I turned myself to entrepreneurship.

    Krippit’s first spotlight of 2021 goes to Tanya Heath! Based in Paris, Tanya creates a unique line of adjustable as well as removable heels and has become a major disrupter and inspiration within the fashion industry. Tanya has motivated the Krippit team in many ways and we hope that sharing her story does the same for you. 
  • KRIPPIT SPOTLIGHT: Marie Chevrier

    Krippit is very excited to announce that our spotlight goes to Marie Chevrier! Marie is a very inspirational entrepreneur who founded Sampler and continues to be a leading force in Consumer Packaged Goods.
  • Online Events: Impromptu Virtual Tour @ foundry (Paris)

    Impromptu Tour @ the Foundry powered by IFA (Paris)

    Please join us this Friday for an impromptu tour lead by Vongai Ruzive (Von) at the Foundry as she shows us some of the latest tech equipment for Paris's luxury fashion industry.

    Followed by two special female founder speakers who will share with us their startup journeys. Using their professional backgrounds and skillsets to building their passion companies.

    Guest speakers: (Toronto & Paris)

    SARA DSOUKI: Architect & Designer - founder of Speetra Design Studio, 3D printing Fashion. Joining us from Paris, France.

    Vandana Taxali: Tech Lawyer & Art Agent - founder of Artcryption, use Blockchain for the art market. Joining us from Toronto, Canada.

  • KRIPPIT SPOTLIGHT: Barbara Edelston Peterson

    This month, Krippit is showcasing a very special founder who is dedicated to bettering society through non-profit organizations and humanitarian ef...
  • Drapers Footwear Awards 2020 Finalist

    Over the past few months Krippit has been consistently working ondifferent projects surrounding our heel protector. Being really busy, we neverexpe...
  • New Features and Designs!

    We're proud to announce that we offer customization for you! We are still pushing out new content and products in hopes you'll like them! Your fe...
  • London Fashion Week 2020!

    This month, Krippit was given the opportunity to showcase at London Fashion Week! We give thanks to TFI for providing us with such a marvellous op...
  • Krippit Update: What We’ve Been Up To

    We wanted to share with you what we have been up to in the past few months and what we plan on doing in the future. 

  • Krippit x Mars