Krippit’s first spotlight of 2021 goes to Tanya Heath! Based in Paris, Tanya creates a unique line of adjustable as well as removable heels and has become a major disrupter and inspiration within the fashion industry. Tanya has motivated the Krippit team in many ways and we hope that sharing her story does the same for you. 
  • KRIPPIT SPOTLIGHT: Marie Chevrier

    Krippit is very excited to announce that our spotlight goes to Marie Chevrier! Marie is a very inspirational entrepreneur who founded Sampler and continues to be a leading force in Consumer Packaged Goods.
  • Founder of the Day : Madelaine Romero

    Madeline is the founder of Morent LLC and she believes we all have a purpose in life. Whether it is big or small, everyone has a purpose in this w...
  • Star of The Day : Dana Kandalaft

    Star of The Day: Dana Kandalaft an inspiration to us all!