KRIPPIT SPOTLIGHT: Emily's Trip to France

At the end of August, our Brand Manager Emily travelled from Toronto to Paris, France for Krippit’s showcase at the Who’s Next trade show. We caught up with Emily to learn about her experience on this journey with Krippit. 


Q: What was your itinerary for the trip to Paris?


A: First, I travelled to Paris from Toronto where I met Melissa (the CEO of Krippit) and got acclimated to the new environment. During the first few days, we went to Station F where we worked on planning for the Who’s Next show and I got to tour around Paris. Then, we went to Düsseldorf, Germany for the Gallery Shoes International Trade Show. While we weren’t showcasing at this show, it was a great experience to talk to the various vendors at the event and gain an understanding of how the Who’s Next show would be set up. After travelling to Düsseldorf we went back to Paris where we prepared for Who’s Next. This show was very important for Krippit, seeing as there are lots of buyers and agents who attend and look for potential clients to work with. Showcasing at this event was very busy and exciting, as we made lots of connections with buyers in France and Europe while at the show. A few days after the show, Melissa and I travelled to Nice for a few days where we took product photography and enjoyed the beautiful views. After going to Nice, it was time to return to Toronto. 


Q: What was your most memorable experience in France?


A: My most memorable experience would have to be either going to the Louvre or looking at the Mediterranean Sea in Nice. Going to Paris I was excited to see the artwork in the Louvre, and it did not disappoint! I enjoyed the sarcophaguses and sculptures they had on display. In Nice, I thoroughly loved the Mediterranean Sea and the view of the glistening water. 


Q: How was the Who’s Next show?


A: The Who’s Next show was an amazing experience for Krippit. While preparing for the show was very stressful, we were able to meet many buyers and brands that are interested in our products. I was taken aback by how large the venue was where the show took place, and how many brands were showcasing alongside Krippit. It was great to connect with so many agents and buyers, and experience one of the fashion industry’s largest trade shows. 


Q: How has this trip impacted your outlook on life?

A: This trip gave me the experience to travel to France alone, and seize opportunities that come my way. During the trip I was given tasks that required me to try and speak French and communicate with others in a foreign language which was out of my comfort zone. Completing these tasks allowed me to grow as a person and develop my French language skills. 


Q: What were the challenges of this trip?


A: Some of the challenges I experienced were planning for the Who’s Next show and communicating with native French speakers. Planning for Who’s Next was challenging because we needed to make sure everything was perfect since it was a very important event. This meant that we had to have our display planned out, email our contacts who were coming to visit our booth and have our takeaway materials ready in a short amount of time. Communicating in French was a challenge for me, seeing as I am not fluent in French and had a hard time understanding what people were saying. Over time, I started to understand more, however this was still a large challenge during the trip. 


Q: How is the fashion community different in Paris versus Toronto?


A: The fashion industry is much larger in Paris than it is in Toronto, meaning that there are more opportunities to meet people who work with large brands and network with more individuals who work in the industry. I found that there were many opportunities to meet designers from around Europe who were interested in Krippit, and consumers who were fashion-oriented and interested in our products. 


Q: What are your overall thoughts on this experience?


A: Overall, I greatly enjoyed my trip to France. It was amazing to experience so many events and showcase Krippit in Europe. While travelling to Paris, Düsseldorf and Nice, I experienced so many incredible opportunities and I am very thankful to Krippit for bringing me along for this journey. 



It is wonderful to learn about Emily’s journey to France and the amazing experience she had. To keep up with Krippit’s adventures, be sure to follow us @krippit3d on Instagram and @krippit1 on Twitter. 

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