The Company


With established offices strategically located in both Toronto and Paris, our narrative unfolds against the picturesque setting of a golf course during Melissa's attendance at a wedding reception. A discerning user of a competitor's high-heel protector, Melissa identified inherent design flaws, sparking a resolute commitment to engineer an elevated, singular solution for connoisseurs of high-heeled elegance. In collaboration with adept product developers, Melissa embarked on a transformative journey to craft an innovative accessory tailored for those who navigate gracefully in high heels.

Delving further into Melissa's inspiration, the narrative intertwines with a poignant incident involving her mother, whose graceful high-heeled stride, burdened with both a young Melissa and a bag of groceries, necessitated a delicate choice between safeguarding her child or preserving the groceries—a moment indelibly imprinted in Melissa's enduring memory.

As a distinguished 3D Fashion Tech enterprise, we present an exquisite solution to enhance your high-heeled sojourns across any terrain. Our pioneering 3D-printed high heel protector ensures the immaculate preservation of your cherished footwear, emancipating you from concerns about inadvertent damage. Beyond this, our commitment to personalization is exemplified through bespoke enhancements for your heels, meticulously crafted through the intricate artistry of 3D printing. Embrace the seamless fusion of style and technology with Krippit, where every step embodies a manifestation of sophistication and innovation.