Krippit is very excited to announce that our spotlight goes to Marie Chevrier! Marie is a very inspirational entrepreneur who founded Sampler and continues to be a leading force in Consumer Packaged Goods. On November 18, 2020 Krippit will be doing a Sogal event with Marie and other female founders where we will discuss Consumer Packaged Goods in more detail. 

Sampler helps brands deliver samples online and gather the insights they need to build one-to-one relationships with consumers. They have worked with over 300 brands including L'Oréal, Henkel, Nestle, Pepsi and Kimberly Clark. Unlike traditional sampling, Sampler allows brands to target, track and measure the program from start to finish. This type of sampling had not been offered previously which makes their brand innovative and unique. The Krippit team has been motivated by Marie's passion and love for her company which is why we chose her for our spotlight.

On top of being the CEO of Sampler, Marie is the Co-Founder of RetailTO which is a community dedicated to growing and strengthening Toronto's Retail ecosystem. She as well continues to be a member of the RetailTomorrow advisory board and an advisor to technology and CPG startups. Marie continues to drive innovation within these sectors and continuously is represented as one of the leaders in CPG. It is incredibly inspiring to have a female entrepreneur as the founder of a leading platform in the technology and CPG marketplace.

Marie is a very inspiring founder who has big things planned for the future. She has made Sampler the leading platform in CPG and continues innovating to offer her clients the best experience possible. Learning about Marie has motivated the Krippit team and we hope it has done the same for you!

We hope that you are able to join us on November 18 2020 to hear Marie speak live about her experience in building a brand in CPG. You can register for the FREE event here:


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