• Founder of the Day : Madelaine Romero

    Madeline is the founder of Morent LLC and she believes we all have a purpose in life. Whether it is big or small, everyone has a purpose in this w...

    Summary of Blog: We are apart of London Fashion Week and it was AWESOME! Plus a pleasant surprise announcement
  • Celebrating Women!

    Hello Everyone! This month is Women history month and we would like to take this month to appreciate the women who empower us and are empowering to...
  • Star of The Day : Dana Kandalaft

    Star of The Day: Dana Kandalaft an inspiration to us all!
  • 6 Christmas Fashion Gift Ideas 2018!

      Hello Everyone! Well, tis the season again for gifts! Here is a short list of gift ideas to help you along with your Christmas shopping! - . - ....
  • Marina Rosin Levine // Guest Speaker

      Marina Rosin Levin will be sharing her story and her experiences at Vera Bradley, 411 West Broadway for NYC FIRESIDE CHAT: Fashion Startups &...
  • NYC Fireside Chat: Fashion Startups and Legal Tech

    Join us @ NYC with 2020 Startups for a Fashion Panel on November 20th! 
  • Week 4 @ 2020 Startups

    This 2020 Startup week was about pitch feedback, collaborating with investors and attracting customers.
  • Week 3 @ 2020 Startups

    Founders Day wrap. More lessons learned, as we discover ways to strengthen our marketing strategy.
  • Toronto - SOH 2018

    Krippit will be part of the Startup Open House as part of Elevate Tech Fest. Come meet the team, then check out our office and products!

    Sept 27th - 4pm to 8pm.

  • Week 2 @ 2020 Startups

    2020 Startups Blog: Week 2

    Krippit sparks curiosity at NYC's Rockefeller Center during NYC's Fashion Week. Revamping our marketing campaign to keep customers engaged. Shall we pivoting our business model? What's the best use of our time and money, both being limited resources, for innovating new fashion wearable products? 

  • Week 1 @ 2020 Startups

    2020 Startups Blog: Week 1

    We continue our journey with a new accelerator. This time,2020Startups in NYC! We look forward to continued growth as we learn new innovative tools, improve/create new strategies, extend our customer development research, and refine our prototype.