Week 3 @ 2020 Startups

2020 Startups Blog: Week 3

Valuable Lessons for Non-NYC Founders

  • Understand which content is important.
  • Create fundraising goals, supported by actionable plans and executable tasks.
  • Proactively engage our fan base with increased "call to action" opportunities, to keep up interest. 
  • Anyone of our fans may hold a direct impact or accessory to krippit's platform and community.

Love Krippit?!?!?
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Female Founders Unite!
I had the honor to learn from the only other female founder, Erin Bogdanski! I can't wait to learn more over the next few weeks, from this extremely well accomplished Silicon Valley founder of THERA Inc. A mental health startup.

Founder's Day
The event took place at Fiverr's head office in NYC. This was a "safe place" opportunity to test and receive constructive criticism of our pitch. We've always known that one of the biggest challenges of doing a pitch is knowing your audience. Every audience is different. I found that whenever I explained krippit to a developer or a marketing person - different messaging is perceived.

The event audience was very appreciative towards our 3D printed NFC chips with the possibility of authentication, including how the platform would be built and sourced. Many enjoyed learning about our licensing problem and the solution approaches we applied ourselves. By including a photo of our Form 2 3D printer, many more people in the audience expressed interest about the process and concept for our agile solution development.

Recap Event: Kickoff - New Q4 Accelerator Cohort at Founder Night
A conversation about what's ahead in tech, business and the startup world. Meet founders, mentors and technologists in NYC.

Mark Gold highlighted the system of "offering" to help influencers solve problems, before presenting your "ask". The discussion also highlighted the NYC ecosystem, celebrating small wins in the startup journey before hitting the big win, plus hosting and attending events to become associated with specific brands/industries.

Other Learning Points

  • Integrating marketing communications requires always re-enforcing/repeating your message through different social media platforms.
  • Adding "behind the scenes" content about how the product is made helps keep the audience interested and engaged.
  • Posting moving pictures in social media makes it seem like you are speaking to a new audience.
  • Influencer marketing is the least expensive marketing tool, as the product has already been tested by someone credible.
  • Build a community as your brand, not just the product.

Target goal: Foster relationships and visible support from 5 influencers within your community.

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