6 Christmas Fashion Gift Ideas 2018!


Hello Everyone! Well, tis the season again for gifts! Here is a short list of gift ideas to help you along with your Christmas shopping!

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A fascinating group of women who found a way to sell cheap tights for women online! These lovely ladies at Thread have created a way to sell these tight at an affordable price so you can look good every day! Come in 3 different colors tan, nude and black. It is $9 per tights they don’t rip as easily, and they fit very nicely around your waist. Check them out on the link below!

Website: https://www.yourthreads.co/

Price Range: $

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This is one of my personal favorites; these fabulous people have created a way to showcase an artist and support their work by printing their designs on shirts. The shirt is made our 100% organic cotton and they support the artist who does the artwork. They use Silkscreen Printing to print their designs on the shirts! They believe in ethical and sustainable ways of producing their shirts that they sell online. It's $25 per shirt click the link below to support their cause!

Website: https://www.meera-shop.com/shop

Price Range: $$

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Vincent Victoria Jewelry

I love her jewelry it’s beautiful, and customizable come with many unique designs and styles that will help your fashion friends stand out from the crowd! This is a good buy if you’re looking for jewelry that is different. The price varies for each piece of jewels you can buy Jacklyn Juvier’s Jewelry on her Instagram page @vincentvictoriajewelry or email her @ vincentvictoriajewelry@gmail.com for pricing of her jewelry!

Website: https://www.instagram.com/vincentvictoriajewelry/

Price Range: $$

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The bows are so cute <3 These Bow Ties are something you must defiantly get for your girlfriend or guy-friend or pets! These bows are so cool they bring the bling to your outfits. Paras2Bowties have Bow Ties for any occasion, and it is a perfect gift for you and your friends <3 Plus bow ties are cool ;) Prices of Bow Ties varies please DM owner for a price.

Website: https://www.instagram.com/paras2bowties/

Price Range: $$

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Magpies & Unicorns


“Handmade jewelry for you when you want to sparkle like a unicorn!”
I know there's a unicorn friend in your friend group. I can’t be the only unicorn in my group of friends! If you have a friend who proclaims that unicorns are life this handmade jewelry is made for them! Yes its pricey but look at it! It's worth the investment for long-term jewelry. You should get them this… indeed from a unicorn to another, this is it. Like what are you doing man… go get it, and you’re done for the day.

Items showcased above from left to right:

Tribal Elements Lucky Rice Grain Earrings Med.$32.00/Lge.$48.00 Cdn

Tribal Elements Tapestry Tile Earrings #7 $65.00Cdn

Website: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/MagpiesNUnicorns/items

Price Range: $$$

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Hey, self-promo is not bad okay. I like to say our fabulous high heel protector will protect your fancy high heels! Heres a PROMO CODE for you: FAB18 and get 25% off your first purchase on Krippits!
It will make an excellent gift for your friends and anyone who wear high heels!

Website: www.krippit.com

Price Range: $$$

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That's all folks! I hope you enjoy the list and hopefully, it has helped you chose a gift for your fabulous fashion friends the year! Happy Holiday! 

Thank you for reading! Have a happy week!

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