You're Invited: Who's Next Paris


  • Toronto - SOH 2018

    Krippit will be part of the Startup Open House as part of Elevate Tech Fest. Come meet the team, then check out our office and products!

    Sept 27th - 4pm to 8pm.

  • Week 2 @ 2020 Startups

    2020 Startups Blog: Week 2

    Krippit sparks curiosity at NYC's Rockefeller Center during NYC's Fashion Week. Revamping our marketing campaign to keep customers engaged. Shall we pivoting our business model? What's the best use of our time and money, both being limited resources, for innovating new fashion wearable products? 

  • Week 1 @ 2020 Startups

    2020 Startups Blog: Week 1

    We continue our journey with a new accelerator. This time,2020Startups in NYC! We look forward to continued growth as we learn new innovative tools, improve/create new strategies, extend our customer development research, and refine our prototype.

  • Street2Ivy Supports Small Businesses and Communities

    Street2Ivy isn’t only a marketplace — it’s an innovation. Street2Ivy empowers communities and people by building connections between socially-conscious shoppers, businesses, and thought leaders. When you shop with Street2Ivy, you join the mission to support underserved small businesses. As these businesses grow, communities thrive and positivity spreads.
  • 2020 Startups Accelerator - NYC

    Krippit is participating in the 2020 Startups Accelerator program, in NYC!! This 90-Day Accelerator is designed to introduce forward-thinking and proven growth-hacking models that rapidly scale startups.
  • Krippit @Toronto International Film Festival - The Stylist Suite

    Krippit will be inside celebrity VIP gift bags at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Specifically in The Stylist Suite at Yorkville Village, headed by the Stylist Box.
  • Empowering the Modern Day Woman

    Discovery why Melissa Chung is Empowering the Modern Day Woman One High Heel at a Time.
  • Krippit Pitches @ New York Venture Summit

    Krippit's Melissa Chung is presenting at the 2018 New York Venture Summit, hosted by youngStartup Ventures - Where Innovation Meets Capital. More than 104 VCs confirmed!
  • Royalty's Queen's Plate

    Krippit's at the Queen's Plate Festival! Visit us at Lexus' ultra luxury tent for free products.
  • EnrichHER Finalist @Halcyon Incubator, Washington DC

    As an EnrichHER finalist, Melissa pitches at the EnrichHER Spark Conference in Washington, D.C.EnrichHER Spark conferences are local initiatives de...
  • Design Fabrication Zone Member

    Krippit is at Ryerson University's Design Fabrication Zone.
  • Interview with Wire | Tap Media