Week 2 @ 2020 Startups

NYC Fashion Week Highlight: “Be Where Your Market Is”

While waiting for my Uber outside NYC’s Rockefeller, I caught a lady looking at my shoes from one eye, as I was looking down at my app. Another lady approached and asked me "Where did you get your shoes"?  I said these are Ferragamo. And the heel protectors, that's krippit. That's what I make.  She paused. The first lady came over to me. She did not mean to stare, but she thought that she had missed out on Ferragamo's next season collection. Once I started handing out one booklet, and just like that a semi-crowd of on-lookers was drawn in. Not only did I miss my Uber, I also ran out of booklets! I ended up having insightful conversations with my target market. Although I think they will need to be reminded or presented with some type of a call to action, I realized krippit needs to pivot its marketing campaign. This includes revamping our follow up, tracking and engagement with potential customers in the future.


Credibility, Visibility, and Profitability (CVP) Review

The beauty of being in an accelerator is having a safe zone for really testing out a "pivot" idea. Under the advice of 2020 Startup mentors, like me, they envision krippit beyond what we make now. Another challenge of being in the intersection of Fashion and Technology - juggling the demands of both worlds. Luckily, while attending a workshop with Ignite Capital, I found two other founders that felt the same way.  (Stay tuned...............)

As a fashion wearable product (hardware) - we will continue down the traditional marketing cycle it takes to launch a new product. During this journey, we need to wisely spend our time and budget. Any advice regarding which trade shows are best for krippit to attend?

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Next Steps

Revisit the core of our company’s passion, by checking out some of New York City’s top creative fashion minds at events held at XRC -Labs, New York fashion Tech Lab Demo Days and many other fashion events.

Please message us with suggestions.


News Flash

Krippit is in Toronto's Startup Open House Event!


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