Design Fabrication Zone Member

Krippit is officially a member at Ryerson University's Design Fabrication Zone (DFZ). We now have access to office space, a fabrication lab, mentors, and workshop/networking opportunities.

The DFZ is an interdisciplinary incubator for design and fabrication, where emerging entrepreneurs build their ideas. From concept development to three-dimensional prototyping and beyond, the DFZ facilitates the incubation and acceleration of project ideas and strategically propels them towards real-life application and business innovation. To date, the DFZ has attracted 500 entrepreneurs and yielded 140 projects, 85 press articles, and 18 commercial businesses.

The zone fosters rich networking opportunities for student and entrepreneur driven initiatives through mentorship, workshops, strategic partnerships and cross-disciplinary collaboration. The DFZ provides access to traditional and digital fabrication technologies, enabling members to prototype and model ideas for testing, evaluating and realizing design concepts.

 Design Fabrication Zone



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