2020 Startups Accelerator - NYC

Krippit is participating in the 2020 Startups program this fall.

"This 90-Day Accelerator is designed to introduce forward-thinking and proven growth-hacking models that rapidly scale startups.

Born from necessity, powered by New York's Economic Development Initiative and partnered with some of the most innovative companies on planet earth, 2020 Startups is transforming how startups grow. With partners like IBM, Microsoft, Fiverr, Spacious, Gust, LMHQ, and leading Investors and experts across industries - 2020 Startups is proud to be the first "non-equity" accelerator to achieve unprecedented results.

Since 2016, in just 1 short year of launching, 2020 Startups has scaled over 50 startups from over 14 countries, helping startups get press, partnerships and raise over $3 Million in seed funding for 0% equity in NYC."

Woo Hoo!!   Krippit is in New York city!!


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