Week 1 @ 2020 Startups

Krippit started a new journey with a new accelerator - 2020 Startups Accelerator in NYC!

We’re ready to capture the attention of our clientele – the professional working woman. This aspiring woman is filled with ambition and ready to take over the world! Breaking heels from subway grates and sidewalk cracks on the way to important meetings can create a major career setback.

Our goals are to develop the following, over the next three months:

  • Assessment and Strategy: To capture our main clientele.
  • Press & Relationships: To focus on core and innovative offerings.
  • Investor relationship: To help move krippit to the next level.

Throughout the program, we will identify our gaps through a checklist. We’ll find answers to the following:

  • Who is our targeted audience?
  • What does our core customer like to do?
  • What value does krippit bring into the international arena?


Short-Term Mission

Build tools to help our long-run strategy along side 3D printing to test and refine our prototypes.


Long-Term Vision
Empowering the everyday women with the confidence to do and wear whatever they like.


Upcoming Events: Host a panel of guest speakers with another 2020startup founder.
We will reach out to influencers, mentors and our fans to discover and invite top fashion innovators to speak at the co-hosted 2020startup founder event. Please contact us if you are visiting NYC over the next three months!


NY Fashion Week, Lessons Learned

  1. Networking with influencers equates to future visibility and valuable feedback. Melissa went on a walking tour at NY Fashion week, where an influencer recalled krippit from a previous event.
  2. At NY Fashion Week’s Fashion Hub, even clothing is being 3D printed! Who knew?
  3. We learned we do not articulate what we already know about our product and the advantages of 3D printing as part of the development process. Using 3D printing during product development instead of the traditional manufacturing path allows krippit to save money from upfront manufacture costs and material waste. 3D printing supports continuous development – where prototypes can be created/modified, printed and tested within the same day. This agile approach expedites customer research development, quickly creating what the customer wants in far less time and cost than traditional manufacturing.
  4. See if customers notice! As Melissa waited for Uber near Rockefeller center, “every day busy” women approached and inquired about her krippits. The women loved the idea. Some knew of our competitor. One did not buy the competitor because she didn’t know the sizes of her heels.


More experiences and learning to come! Stay tuned!


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