London Fashion Week 2020!

This month, Krippit was given the opportunity to showcase at London Fashion Week! We give thanks to TFI for providing us with such a marvellous opportunity to be in London Fashion Week! 

Our event was hosted by the Canadian Embassy, and our events took place at Canada House. We got to display our products, and have a model walk in the Canadian Fashion Designer Show. The event was an excellent opportunity to gain brand recognition and meet industry professionals who are interested in our ideas. 

On day 2 of our London Fashion week experience, we had scheduled individual meetings with people who liked our brand. This was a great networking opportunity, and we got to show off our products to more people. 

Throughout the week, we got to meet many industry professionals who provided us with valuable information on the fashion industry, and our business. This was really interesting because we gained information about the industry that we never knew before. 

Overall, we had an amazing time at London Fashion Week, and this experience was truly memorable. We want to thank everyone who came by our booth at Canada House, and everyone who took an interest in our products. We hope to see you with your Krippits on!


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