The Company

Expanding our Business to France & the European Marketplace:

After being selected to showcase our designs at a curated fashion week even thosted by the Canadian High Commission office in Trafalgar Square's UK,  during London Fashion Week there sparked an immediate engagement by several EU influencers as well as the 3D-printing community.  Shortly after we  began to receive calls by the fashion community in Paris to launch our dream of a  "made in France product line". In 2021 our company has been recognized by  THE DIRECTORATE GENERAL FOR ENTERPRISE (DGE) in France as an innovative project and selected to take part in an incubated program through ADN_Creative Valley at Station F, to hub for France's innovation centre and home to luxury brands such as LVMH and L'Oréal.  

During that same year, our company successfully, designed a new French made collectionline and launched our new official collection at the Who's Next Show in Paris. Since launching in Paris, our brand is now collaborating with French shoe brand Tanya Heath Paris and Dressart Paris.