About MC


The spark started when Melissa attended a wedding reception on a golf course. She used a competitor's high-heel protector and found design flaws. Determined to create a better high-heel protector, Melissa partnered with product developers to design an improved, unique product for high-heel wearers.

However, Melissa's personal story actually started much earlier. Her mom. While walking in high heels, her mom carried a young Melissa and a bag of groceries. Losing balance and about to fall, her mom needed to make a decision: protect her baby or the groceries. A scenario etched in Melissa's long-term memory.

We are a 3D Fashion Tech company, here to help you walk in high heels easier on any surface. With our new innovative 3D printed high heel protector, you don't have to worry about damaging your favourite shoes. We also customize Krippit accessories via 3D printing.